Evangelical Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: ‘I get probably 10 times more hate mail from Christians than I get from atheists’

Does Hayhoe know that her fellow warmists scorn her religious views behind her back?

From her interview with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:

BAS: What gave you the courage to take a public stand on hot-button issues such as climate and religion, something that many scientists are reluctant to do?

Hayhoe: Ever since I moved to Texas, I’ve been doing an increasing number of presentations to local groups. The more people I talked to, the more I realized that facts are not enough. What do we care about? And why? To answer those questions, I had to do something I’d never done as a scientist before: look to my heart, not my head. And for me, what’s in my heart has a lot to do with my faith. I care about climate change because it affects my family, the people and places I love, and my global neighbor, whom I’m called to love and care for.

My husband—who is a linguistics professor and also a pastor at a local church—was getting lots of questions about climate from people in the congregation and in the community. So we decided to write a book together, talking about the facts of climate change and why we should care about them in light of our Christian faith.

The book has led to some hostility—but it wasn’t from the sources I expected. Today, I get probably 10 times more hate mail from Christians than I get from atheists. In contrast, I have felt very encouraged and supported by the scientific community, even by many people who do not share my faith in any way, as well as by many Christian organizations such as Sojourners and World Vision.

18 thoughts on “Evangelical Warmist Katharine Hayhoe: ‘I get probably 10 times more hate mail from Christians than I get from atheists’”

  1. She is calling herself evangelical. All anthropogenic climate change theory rejects a young earth. So she has either rejected Genesis account or never believed it in the first place. What else in the Bible has she thrown out?

  2. We are to believe that people who send her hate [sic] mail identify whether they are Christians or atheists.

    I can’t remember the last time I included my religious preferences in a letter.

  3. I think it is more to the point that atheists tend to ignore her while Christians believe that they can correct the craziness. After all, it can be dismissed by atheists and agnostics, but poor actions in the name of Christianity reflects badly on Christians.

    It’s the same thing as on this blog, where we just calmly dismiss wild warmists, but it gets heated, and I admit to losing my temper a few times whenever the next idiot states that global warming violates thermodynamics

  4. I’m not certain whether you are joking and to laugh or whether you are serious and I should trash your misogynistic post. Therefore,


    If you were serious, please visualize me pointing at you while reading that last line.

  5. Did you ever notice that unlike a rational person, a true believer never really looks at things in a “normal” fashion? If 10 times more hate mail comes from Christians than atheists, a normal person would realize that what they are doing is pleasing to the atheists and not the Christians. Not our girl here–she remains clueless.

  6. Liberals and greens align with anyone who will say they are right. They just ignore the parts of a group or person that is not consistent with their needs at the moment. A Buddhist monk, a right-wing radio host (who happens to agree with one point), a 60’s violent radical. It matters not. It’s about the one talking point of the moment. (When your only behavioral code is to win and dominate, the character of the participants is irrelevant. Only what they can do for a win matters.)

  7. Probably. Especially if she is a liberal. Recently, it came to light that simply quoting a liberal is hate speech if it makes the liberal look bad.
    She probably counts all the emails about false prophets, elevating one to God’s level, etc as hate mail, rather than people simply telling her they believe that she has dropped out of her Christian faith and is now worshipping Gaia.
    This would be the case even if one were to be very reverent and caring in presenting their case, I’m sure.

  8. “I get probably 10 times more hate mail from Christians than I get from atheists.” – Hmm, as tempting as it is to do my part to redress this imbalance, I’ll stay classy and refrain.

  9. One of the biggest challenges to Christianity is the Church of Green. No wonder she’s getting some pushback from defenders of the faith.

    So what if she gets encouragement and support from Christian organizations such like Sojourners and World Vision. There’s lots of money out there for people willing to confess their faith in global warming. ‘Repent, and ye shall be funded’.

  10. A pastor and linguistics prof is the go to guy for AGW advice? The interview is in a lefty anti nuke war group that has been famous for their silly doomsday clock? (I’ve never quite figured out how being an atomic scientist qualifies one in geopolitics, but I suppose chemists just don’t see the big picture.) And she doesn’t define hate mail. Sounds like someone trying to plug a book to increase sales.

  11. By definition, true Christians would not send “hate mail.” (I also suspect that here definition of “hate mail” includes any communication that challenges her beliefs and position.)

  12. Aren’t there about ten time as many Christians as atheists in the USA? I suspect there are a lot more agnostics than atheists in the USA also… Takes more conviction to be an atheist than to be an agnostic.

  13. “Let a woman quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I do not allow woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet. For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression” (1 Timothy 2:11-14). Adam’s only pre-fall “fault” was that he believed God’s provision for him was as good as God himself. He took his eyes off of her for about 3 seconds–most likely in a shopping mall while she had his credit card.

  14. It seems there is no depth too low in the battle to convince people the earth is getting warmer and it’s our fault. Even telling people God is not in charge, we are. It’s no wonder Christians are angry–they really thought God was controlling the earth. Maybe she needs needs to start her own Gaia church and then she could be loved by all the climate believers. It would better suit her life philosophy, it seems.

  15. its clear that she is a rent seeker that intend fill the religious space. Poor woman. Reality will throw her in a holy. err.. hole.

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