BTW, Friday’s Mauna Loa daily average CO2 was only 399.40 ppm — just sayin’

Mauna Loa has not yet had a 400 ppm daily average for CO2 — warmists cheated to claim the 400 ppm level was exceeded.

Scripps tweeted:

Click for the cheat.

3 thoughts on “BTW, Friday’s Mauna Loa daily average CO2 was only 399.40 ppm — just sayin’”

  1. If CO2 was 200 plus ppm some number of years ago and is now rising to 400 ppm, what material in the atmosphere is being replaced in the million parts? Is there any significance to that element being reduced?

  2. Odd,…. generally speaking, testaments like this “400 PPB” number are designed to be released on SLOW news days preferably early in the week, for maximum impact over the widest audience. BAD NEWS… (like the IRS story) is leaked on BIG news days in order to it passes through to the background with the least amount of splash.

    This SHOULD have been a slow news day story, issued on a Monday. I wonder why it was released on a big news day? I think (Maybe) because the target is moving, i.e. the numbers are (supposedly measured) they tend to fall where they may. In this case, it was bouged-up?!?!?! They could have done that on Monday?!?!!? Unless….. there is something remaining they haven’t released yet….???


    You’ve got to wonder about the mental state of people who need this soooooooooo badly they would fudge a couple fractions of points to get to an irrelevant marker. What a weird religion to adapt!

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