2 thoughts on “Paper: Rising CO2 to ‘make hundreds of millions homeless’ and ‘agriculture to fail on entire continents’”

  1. I think I’ll go read the book of Revelation again to calm myself. It is so much less stressful than reading the book of Green Apocalypse.

  2. Lord Stern is called a “climate change expert”. In order to be an expert in that field, you need at least some depth of knowledge of a.o. thermodynamics, gas dynamics and transport theory, interaction between radiation and matter (non-covariant quantum electrodynamics is sufficient), a bit of meteorology, mathematics of coupled non-linear systems and chaotic dynamics, just to skim a few of the most important ones. I strongly doubt his abilities in these fields. To be sure, there is no other field of natural or engineering science where becoming an expert is largely a matter of self-proclamation or of a statement to that end by someone without the slightest knowledge to back it up. A wealthy Nordic foreign aid organization hired a young lady with an B.A. in Geography and glued the title of Climate Expert on her forehead, poor thing. Another state-operated environmental center hosts a research professor profusely launching statements of impemding doom etc. His D. Sc. thesis deals with the expected lifespan and usable age if industrial buildings. Of course, it is not a sin not to possess knowledge; we all lack knowledge of something, but it is close to good old mortal sin to deny or oppose knowledge or to modify it to suit one’s own needs (like deleting the Medieval warming or adjusting temperature data to show contemporay warming).

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