Bill McKibben: One degree of warming is ‘utter catastrophe’

But we are still here, Bill.

From McKibben’s interview with ABC-Australia:

TONY JONES: Is the clear picture that you’re painting, was that muddied somewhat by the new research from the team of Global Change researchers published this week in Nature Geoscience that the rate of global warming is actually slowing and that could have a dramatic impact on how hot the planet actually gets in the next 50 to 100 years?

BILL MCKIBBEN: It’s hopeful news in that they say the odds of warming at the very upper end of the scale are less than some had feared. Let’s hope that’s true. It really would be one of the first breaks we’ve caught from physics, but as they say in the thing – in their paper, it makes no difference to the plight of the planet. Two degrees where we’re going to clearly go well past on our current path is utter catastrophe. Really one degree is utter catastrophe. How many more summers do you really want like the one you just had?

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  1. Here in Australia, we will be “blessed” with his presence soon. Hopefully he gets a “frosty” reception.

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