Bill McKibben’s War Against Reality: ‘Completely false’ that planet has not warmed since 1998

From Bill McKibben’s interview with ABC-Australia:

TONY JONES: Let’s start with the statement most frequently used by climate change sceptics: the planet has stopped warming since 1998 and started to cool, actually cool, since 2003. True or false?

BILL MCKIBBEN: Completely false. The data is unfortunately abundantly clear here. Not only is the air temperature continuing to go up, but a whole slew of studies in recent months have shown that in fact the rate of warming in the oceans is accelerating and of course that heat will eventually make its way back out into the atmosphere. As the scientist was quoted in your lead-in there I think very correctly saying even the kind of two-degree targets that governments have set for climate change, including the Australian Government, are much too high. We’ve barely – we’re not even quite raised the temperature a degree so far and look what we’ve done. I mean, 80 per cent of the summer sea ice in the Arctic is now missing, the oceans are 30 per cent more acidic than they were 40 years ago, and because warm air holds more water vapour than cold, we’ve loaded the dice for drought and for flood which y’all in Australia have seen more than your share of in recent years.

Funny, Jim Hansen (a warmist-revered scientist) just admitted there’s been no warming since 1998.

Read/watch the interview.

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