Appalling: Bill McKibben to get UBuffalo Dean’s Medal for lifetime of eco-agitation

From the UB School of Agitation and Central Planning?

The University of Buffalo News Center reports

… However, McKibben’s connection to UB and the School of Architecture and Planning goes beyond a shared commitment to sustainability, to a personal level.

Subhashni Raj, a Fulbright Scholar from Fiji who will receive her Master of Urban Planning on Friday, has been involved with since 2009. As a volunteer, she organized demonstrations in Copenhagen in front of the United Nations Climate Talks. Before coming to UB, she helped lead 350 Pacific, a hub that works with Pacific Island nations, and worked to train young environmental leaders across the Pacific Islands.

Raj, who will introduce McKibben at commencement, says her passion for climate action began with McKibben and

“He is the inspiration behind my climate activism. He is the reason I am here at UB. It is very fitting that he be there when I graduate. It is my life coming full circle,” says Raj, who will enter the school’s PhD program in urban and regional planning in the fall to advance her research on food systems and climate action planning.

Shibley will also present McKibben with the annual Dean’s Medal, in recognition of McKibben’s lifetime achievements in advancing sustainable development across the globe. The highest honor bestowed by the School of Architecture and Planning, the Dean’s Medal is awarded to individuals in recognition of extraordinary service or accomplishment in planning, architecture or environmental design. The award recognizes the powerful roles these and allied fields play in supporting the ability for all to live life well on an increasingly urbanized planet…

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The Washington Post called McKibben and other Keystone XL opponents bizarre.

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