Anti-salt activists silent in wake of major report debunking anti-salt campaign

Yesterday’s Institute of Medicine report exposing the lack of evidence behind calls to reduce sodium intake has dumbfounded the activists into silence.

WASH and CASH have yet to even mention the IOM report on their web sites and Twitter feeds.

Click for the World Action on Salt & Health web site.

Click for Consensus Action on Salt & Health.

Click for the IOM report.

One thought on “Anti-salt activists silent in wake of major report debunking anti-salt campaign”

  1. “Normal saline” is the commonly-used phrase for a solution of 0.90% w/v of NaCl, about 9.0 g per liter. It is a standard medical treatment for dehydration.
    People living on or near oceans, especially in communities where fishing provides a significant portion of the food (nearly half of the world population in earlier ages) deal with far larger concentrations of salt: seawater in the world’s oceans has a salinity of about 3.5% – four times the medical *ideal* level.
    If ‘excessive’ salt were harmful to health, then Fritos and anchovies and caviar would be deadly, ocean fish would make us ill, and fishermen would die of heart attacks by age 25.

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