1933 in 2013: Obama urges public to attack Senate opponents of EPA nominee for being ‘climate deniers’

What a difference 80 years doesn’t make..

Obama tweeted:

4 thoughts on “1933 in 2013: Obama urges public to attack Senate opponents of EPA nominee for being ‘climate deniers’”

  1. It’s about time we call them out. Whenever we speak about the subject we must include little factoids, especially if they come from the warmists own material. We just can’t say no without proof, there’s plenty out there. They convinced a lot of the general public by putting out trash at the UN, in magazines like Time and Discover. Once respected newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post. People have to be shown the facts–they’re smart enough to realize these bs artists have pulled a fast one and send them back under the rocks they crawled out from.

  2. Given Obama’s expressed disinterest in actually doing his job (making decisions, dealing with lawmakers, directing his staff), I would expect that he delegates his tweeting to an anonymous underling chosen from his True Believers, not unlike the IRS staff.

  3. I thought Obama was too busy to be bothered by these insignificant things? Or was that he is too smart to be bothered with running the country because it’s so boring? He probably should not tweet these things–his name might actually be attached to bill or a cause. Bad idea on his part.

    Tweet your senator/representative and let them know how proud you are they DO grasp science and that they are resisting the bad science pushed by the political arena. Or, if they have been hoodwinked by the warmists, let them know why and that you want them to stop trying to save the planet when it does not need saved.

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