Al Gore: Obama ‘needs more ambition’ on climate

Al Gore says in a Globe & Mail interview:

I have great respect for President Barack Obama and his team, and I understand the extremely daunting obstacles they have to navigate. I’m under no illusion that more ambition on President Obama’s part would, by itself, correct the problems. But I think it is necessary. We are still in the early months of his second term and I still hear the words he used in his inaugural address and the words he used in his Union speech.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore: Obama ‘needs more ambition’ on climate”

  1. I can’t believe I actually felt sorry for Al Gore after the 2000 presidential election.
    It is now clear that we are SO lucky he didn’t get elected back then!

  2. If Obama focuses on global warming regulation with the same focus he’s brought to job creation, and if he has the same success he’s had with gun control, that would be a good thing.

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