Al Gore Canard: ‘Many more jobs now in wind than coal’

Al Gore champions inefficiency. There probably are more jobs in wind — but coal provides 10x more electricity at lower prices and without existential subsidies.

Click for Gore’s interview with the Globe and Mail.

Wind provided 3.53% of U.S. electricity in 2012.

Coal is at about 40%.

7 thoughts on “Al Gore Canard: ‘Many more jobs now in wind than coal’”

  1. 10-4.

    Back when I was in Corporate America, I couldn’t imagine hiring someone from a government jobs program. “Government jobs training” is bogus.

  2. Al Gore is back to a central Democratic fallacy, also seen more generally among politicians. That’s the “jobs for all” concept.
    Having every capable person producing goods and services in free exchange is a great idea. The employment rate is more a symptom or marker, though, than a goal in itself. Government policies that promote economic activity, mostly by getting out of the way, will result in better activity and more employment.
    There’s a push right now for jobs programs for veterans. But if those jobs only come at the loss of a job to someone else, or a more-qualified candidate losing out on the job, the economy nets nothing or even loses. We need a vibrant economy to improve jobs for all, not special programs for veterans.

  3. This is what I’ve always said…if you want to create tons of jobs making electricity have thousands of people riding bicycles on a treadmill hooked up to industrial generators. They can certainly generate a lot of power but after paying their wages no one could possibly afford the electricity rates.

  4. Dumb idiot doesn’t seem to understand that 100,000sands of people work in the energy sector. The company I work work makes a few parts for windmills, big woop. We make 100 of time’s more money making parts for big shovels that are used for mining.

  5. I remember a time when people used to praise ‘labor-saving devices’. Now we’re praising labor-*creating* devices. Hm. Y’know, they can’t *both* represent progress.

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