USA Today: Carbon dioxide now at highest level in 5 million years

And still no warming in last 17 years!

For the first time in roughly 5 million years, the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere could top 400 parts per million in the Northern Hemisphere next month.

Read more at USA Today.

5 thoughts on “USA Today: Carbon dioxide now at highest level in 5 million years”

  1. On the side, is an ad for a book called “Green Hell”. Yes, money will cause hell because, because of it, the environment is being trashed even to the point where people are being brainwashed into believing that the proven science of excess co2 is not a concern, but rather a made up story that fits the bill of conspiracy theorists. However, that may not be made up, either!

    Granted, MANY more people would believe the science IF it was not attached to government schemes to further their unlawful powers over the people, thus I don’t blame AGW deniers for alerting “everyone” that global warming is a fraud, however, only the POLITICS of it is the FRAUD!

    Therefore, as a species destined to use excess co2 to melt the icecaps, we MUST slap those politicians in the face (so to speak) and force ourselves to develop the solution to global warming (excess co2). That solution is machine automation of solar, batteries and devices that convert co2 into limestone, among other things such as LFTR type nuclear fission. Let’s not let money get in the way of figuring out how to make the solutions cost less money!

    Damn those excess regulations and the excess CO2!

  2. What caused the Earth’s “worrisome” CO2 levels 5,000,000 years ago? What was the Earth’s average surface temperature 4,999,950 years ago? What was the Earth’s climate 4,999,900 years ago? What was the extent of the polar ice caps 4,999,850 years ago? What was sea level 4,999,800 years ago? What mass extinction events occurred 4,999,750 years ago?

    Apparently, this isn’t important because the “science is settled” that CO2 levels greater than 0.0400% of the atmosphere will be the end of mankind and most other species on Earth. Never mind that our species arose under precisely those conditions.

  3. But they were Pangaea Today back then. But I suspect some of their numbers were lost in translation as the text was mostly “RAWR” “STOMP” and “GROWL”.
    But it is fascinating to learn that the planets temperatures are the highest they’ve been in the past 5 million years. Oh? They aren’t? I guess someone’s theory is off.

  4. Yep! USA Today was back there 5 million years ago measuring CO2 and has continued to ever since. Just believe em!

  5. No warming for a period of 15-20 years, depending on whose measures you choose. Were temps 5MYA significantly higher than today? Lower? Proxies unable to tell?
    CO2 is one of many elements that are involved in global temperature. Temperature are one of many elements involved in climate. CO2 is a weak element in temperature forcing, especially compared to water vapor, which is the most important “greenhouse element” of all. Fans of science would be very slow to connect human production of CO2 to temperatures to weather events. Fans of nanny-bullyism, though, would make that leap in a hurry.

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