Hypothesis: Global warming could make drinking water unsafe

Why not just chlorinate? Problem (if there is one) solved.

“Scientists are now suggesting that greater quantities of rainfall and bigger storms could be responsible for more unsettled stomachs in parts of Europe.”

Read more at CORDIS.

2 thoughts on “Hypothesis: Global warming could make drinking water unsafe”

  1. “Greater quantities of rainfall”? But global warming is supposed to cause droughts.
    I suppose more runoff could result in some areas having more harmful microbes in water but others well might have less. Surely the change in runoff during any given year is a lot greater than the predicted changes, and all of the predictions like this have failed anyway.
    As far as I can tell, absolutely nothing that was predicted for AGW, and that was specific to AGW, has occurred. We’ve had predictions that failed and we’ve had “predictions” of things that aren’t linked to AGW anyway, but nothing that has a clear link to temperature changes or to AGW.

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