One thought on “New EPA standards force farms to expensive upgrade generators”

  1. The rule is known as the RICE MACT (reciprocating internal combustion engine maximum achievable control technology) aka Subpart ZZZZ. If they are diesel engines they have to put on catalytic converters to control formaldehyde and demonstrate control of formaldehyde by showing certain concentration of carbon monoxide. The cost of the catalytic converter is somewhere north of $3000. They also have a testing standard that could cost several grand. All for an intermittent use engine. I’m not sure about the economic advantage if these are diesel generators. At the price of diesel their generating cost is something in the neighborhood of $250/MWh. My company just shut down 3 diesel peaking facilities because of this rule and the cost of compliance.
    Great rule for shutting down infrequent peaking generators. The EPA has pretty much declared war on the US.

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