Fracking disclosure site has ‘serious deficiencies,’ study says

“A government-mandated website on which oil and gas companies list chemicals they pump into the ground at hydraulic fracturing sites has “serious deficiencies,” according to a study by Harvard Law School released Tuesday.”

Read more at the Dallas Morning News.

4 thoughts on “Fracking disclosure site has ‘serious deficiencies,’ study says”

  1. Of course they don’t have to show the mixtures being used. They don’t have to do that if they are putting it in YOU (see -> Cocacola).

    Worst of all, no link to the paper, no official title, and not even the author. Good luck finding the real thing.

  2. They might not be set up to handle on-site public inquiry. I looked at the chemical list and didn’t see anything really of concern. It seems the problem is that they are listing chemicals by a common name and CAS number, which will not return all the common names and trade names. It also doesn’t tell you what mixtures are being used. However, if you have the common name and CAS (for those that actual have a CAS #) you can find an MSDS on line for that chemical. Generally, the MSDS warnings can be really scary sounding since they refer to the pure chemical in large quantities. Looks to me like the companies are doing what they were asked to do.

  3. How about you that are so worried about what chemicals are being used do this; go to an active frac job and ask to see the MSDS book? Every chemical on site will be in it.

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