10 thoughts on “McKibben already blaming next week’s potential Mississippi flooding on global warming”

  1. I missed the part of Darwin’s theory where humans became the single source of climate change and extinction of species causes. I was amazed that Darwin did not foresee humans as the supreme commanders of every thing on earth. Maybe he forgot to write that part down?
    We would be using, clean, sustainable sources of energy if the anti-nuke crowd was blocking it. There are a lot of us who would like the save the planet–from the environmentalists and climate change believers, those being the biggest threat at the moment.

  2. Are we denying that our human population has doubled since 1950?
    Are we denying that our river systems have been significantly altered and levee systems created which changed water flow?
    More concrete pavement means less bare soil to soak up water. Pollution into our environment has been steadily increasing.
    We have had 5 major Earth changes in our planet’s history. It is our common sense which alerts us to suspect that we humans are, indeed,
    speeding up the next change. Normalcy bias is preventing some of us from accepting reality. For once one accepts science, one’s identity might be threatened. It is time to truly throw our brilliance behind developing
    cleaner, sustainable sources of energy. We all want to protect the health of our planet. Let us work together.

  3. I remember that, too. Fortunately, the vast majority of people don’t seem to remember any further back than their last tweet, so convincing them things are “unprecedented” is pretty simple. Maybe we should be tweeting pictures of past flooding and see if we can overcome the propaganda! 🙂

  4. I’m old – and I seem to remember the Mississippi flooding on a regular basis in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. But hey, I guess if it’s happening for the first time this year, that makes it unprecedented, right?

  5. ivillageidiot: Are you sure you’re the idiot? You seem quite wise to me! 🙂

    This whole behaviour just shows climate change is not science. When every possible event “proves” the theory, it’s not a theory, it’s a religion. Nothing proves or disproves a deity, and apparently not climate change, either.

  6. Not too long ago, the water level of the Mississippi was so low that barge traffic was slowing towards a halt.

    That was global warming, too.

    I tell ya, everything everywhere either causes cancer, or global warming, and some things cause both. And global warming causes everything else.

    There ya go, an explanation of the universe.

  7. So… it no longer enough to make up data and use that to pump fear into everyone’s backside as a explanation for a given event, NOW… because THAT event was “PROVEN” to have been caused by humans, ALL FUTURE event that MIGHT happen are also proven to be causal.

    Man, if you could just figure out a way to make some money off of people who…. wait,… never mind… somebody as already beaten me to it…

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