Former EU Energy analyst rips failed Kyoto carbon trading system

Some really funny material from Andrew McKillop.

“Scientists such as Freeman Dyson and Ivar Giaever do not agree – but of course they are ‘only scientists’, of untouchable world renown, so what would they know about climate crisis comparred with a TV journalist (EU climate commissar Connie Hedegaard) or CD salesperson (elitist Richard Branson)?

“Former TV hostess Hedegaard can of course chime that “You can be serious about global warming and (also) have a healthy economy”, but she is not forced to pay the same permit two times, or be almost systematically shortchanged when offering surplus permits for sale – at a huge forced discount to the price that the financial intermediaries obtain from the buyers that they supply “recycled” permits to. Permit fraud was rampant.”

Read more at MarketOracle.

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