6 thoughts on “Hansen: ‘Burning all fossil fuels could result in the planet being not only ice-free but human-free’”

  1. Maybe Hansen is talking theoretically about what if we burned all the fossil fuels all at once. Without catalytic converters or scrubbing towers. Since it’s impossible to conduct the experiment, Hansen can claim anything at all.

  2. Is he backing off from his “skeer” scenarios? I didn’t see any retraction of his 1988 prediction of total doom by 2008. “Scientists, the people who know what they are talking about” I’m not sure Hansen is one of those folks.
    It would be laughable except that a lot of people believe him.

  3. Hansen is pure GRANT SCIENCE . . he will continue to make outlier forecasts based on straw men like the the climate of Venus. More smoke to obscure that what his ilk have been saying for 25 years has not occurred. So, they go from one climate disaster to another and then back.

    It is the height of human ego to think that we have the power to alter the climate on earth forever and in effect overpower natural cycles of the billions of years. He should be embarrassed by such wild statements and dire predictions. We humans might kill ourselves off but life would continue and the global situation would again recover to what ever might be normal in that time period.

  4. I’ve read from Hansen’s latest essay. Please pass the mind bleach.
    I suppose that, if humans could actually burn all fossil fuel, there might be some damage. Mostly from running out of fossil fuel. There is no indication of that happening in a foreseeablefuture. The biggest thing that would increase use of energy and fossil fuels is economic growth among the world’s seriously poor nations. That will only happen when they embrace economic and personal liberty, so I’m not holding my breath. Saying prayers, yes, but not holding my breath.

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