4 thoughts on “Celebs on the enviro sh*t list”

  1. Reads more like a PETA hit piece than an environmentalist one. Not sure the Koch brothers and W qualify as celebrities with a Tinsel Town connection either. So, this is the discerning mob we try to reason with? Reason? Unlikely.

  2. These “Campaigns” against the deniers ALWAYS remind me of the denunciations performed by the Red Guards against their Professors and ANYONE else that got in the way…

    The youngster that made this documentary, is better educated than most of Hollywood…

    You always see this in Wing-nut minds, first… its starts with an idea, then it spreads as a hip or cool clique, then… they start creating examples to ridicule and mock out of those that fail to fall in line, then… the remainder that fail to succumb to the pressure are labeled “enemy”, then…. the “enemies” are confronted and charged various non-crimes, THEN,…. the physicality starts assuming they succeed in confiscating all the firearms or at least criminalizing their possession so you can justify violence against those resisters, THEN…. beatings and death for those who make it though the “sorting mesh”, a pile of “Examples” at the bottom of a pit somewhere….

  3. BTW, how did John Travolta avoid the list? He owns more airplanes than I do cars, and they’re big ones too.

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