2 thoughts on “Enviro: Free-market fans hate climate science, heart conspiracy theories”

  1. Howdy Jim S
    I think the correlation is to common sense and love of liberty. I’ve read economics and politics. I’m a big fan of freedom, especially in economics. The AGW gang are mostly also fans of economic foolery and nanny-bully laws.
    As someone pointed out, there’s something very wrong with the idea that a 16-year-old can have an abortion without parental input, but not a navel piercing. But that’s “progressive” thinking and it’s the kind of thinking that drives AGW agendas for the most part.

  2. As an AGW skeptic, I can only plead guilty as charged to being a free market fan. I’m also a big fan of science, i.e. REAL science. Conspiracy theories, not so much, but that does sound like a bit of projection coming from this flailing rag…..

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