2 thoughts on “Corporate Earth Day Grovel: Dow claims products have reduced GHG emissions by 1 billion tons since 1990”

  1. Yes, IF the submitted “numbers” can be trusted and weren’t hyped by the underlings required to provide them to management.

    I always wonder at what COST?

    Great, your Corp claims to reduce this or that by an amount of this or that…. But what did it cost to get there? Even if the reduction metric is correct (not that it usually effectual in any case), what COULD you have otherwise done with that capital?

    You COULD have raised thousands, perhaps millions, from the grinding poverty that causes them to do things and participate in things that countered any savings you may have gained!

    It like diet soda! If you drink 20 of them, because they’re “Diet Sodas”, did you really save anything towards your diet?!?!?!?!

  2. That’s a nasty trick, something like one I enjoy doing when the opportunity arises. Somebody touts the ‘billions of tons’ of CO2 saved, and I use the JunkScience.com climate calculator at http://junksciencearchive.com/Greenhouse/offset_calc.htm (I have it bookmarked).

    I send them an email with something like, ‘congratulations, you cooled the planet by 0.000000000089 degrees C.’ ‘Billions of tons’ sounds like a big deal, until you convert it into heating/cooling.

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