7 thoughts on “New Left Canard: Free Market Believer = Climate Denier = Conspiracy Theorist (i.e., Crazy Person)”

  1. THIS… is one of the things I worry THE MOST… about Socialized health care…. there are plenty of things to worry about (don’t get me wrong), but this one is malignant and very dangerous.

    ONCE THEY HAVE A STUDY… and YOUR externalized behaviors EQUAL a cost to their system of management (i.e. “controls” established for the public good), in their eyes, YOU are therefore qualified to receive remediation! And if that externalized behavior is manifest out of your own personal beliefs and convictions, they don’t seem to recognize that as your right, they just see the resistance and threat your beliefs pose to their hegemony.

    THAT… is why the Soviets called them…. DEFECTORS… you, had the the problem and needed to be “Treated”…. for YOUR illnesses.



  2. I’m ready to believe that there’s a strong positive correlation between belief in free market economics and doubt about AGW.
    People who believe in free economics tend to be those who cherish liberty and who recognize what works better and what works poorly. When we look at the AGW agenda, we see that the “science” is poor and much is false. We also see that the methodology to “avert” AGW is the same methodology that keeps the hoi polloi in our place and keeps the poor miserable. It’s just a new excuse for the same kind of mean controlling behavior that elites have practiced whenever they could get away with it.
    So being both a libertarian and a denier is a mark of pragmatic honor rather than a mark of shame.

  3. No surprise. Free market = the government/bureaucrats/lefties have little control over individuals or over those who satisfy individuals’ wants and needs in return for payment.

  4. Sounds like they are informing us of already discredited Stephan Lewandowsky survey which used non-standard methods and obfuscation to solicit information from both “skeptic” and “non-skeptic” web sites on the views of skeptics.

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