7 thoughts on “Warmists: It snowed in DC today because of Arctic sea ice loss”

  1. When I lived in Iowa for 3 years we had snow in May every year. It wasn’t much and stick long, but it was snow non-theless. This was 2005 – 2008.

  2. Dramatic sea ice loss? A week ago, I read right here that Arctic sea ice was the greatest in 5 years. Maybe we lost all of that in one week. I doubt it. I’m sticking with the notion that it’s all bull$|-|!+ until the Northwest Passage is open and we’re drilling for Arctic gas/oil.

  3. I remember April snows when I lived in Richmond.

    The spring, 100-year frost date was April 15. I didn’t plant my garden til then.

    This cold and snow is not unprecedented.

    Where I live now in SC, the 100-year frost date is April 2. We are supposed to have overnight freezes thru March 28. Again, nothing unusual or extreme.

  4. There is a possibility they are getting this one correct – though by accident.

    One of the theories out there is that this is part of the natural climate cycle. The planet warms, Arctic ice recedes, this then results in increased NH snow fall, which helps cool the planet.

  5. First, I have trouble accepting an 80% loss of sea ice when measured apples to apples. Sea ice comes and goes seasonally and sea ice that forms eventualy moves, to be replaced by new ice.
    Second, I’ve heard this mechanism described as a possibility but not as a verified event. The jet stream is a fickle creature and I doubt its behavior is so thoroughly understand that this cause can be pinned down as the reason it may have shifted this year.
    During the period of “global warming” and “climate change”, I’ve seen weather vary within large limits around the world. The AGW gang certainly look like they are shooting at the barn, then painting the target around the bullet holes. But they don’t even have a good grouping.

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