3 thoughts on “Top activist says environmental movement is failing”

  1. Well, I guess “movement” is the polite term for it. Green + Red = Brown, they’re on the nose, and it’s visceral.

  2. Has Mr. Sanjayan of the Nature Conservatory (the “top activist”) considered that the environmental movement might be the problem? Generation X was raised with the mantra of “save the rain forest”. But with climate change completely dominating the environmental movement we have large swaths of Brazil converted from natural cover to growing sugar cane for ethanol. Indonesian rain forests are being cut down and converted to palm oil plantations. Closer to home, marginal land is being converted to corn for ethanol production, leading to increases in the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico (not to mention higher food prices). Wind mills are taking a terrible toll on raptor populations. Environmentalism has become monolithic putting all its effort into solving a computer generated problem with CO2 and has turned a blind eye to all to real un-intended consequences in the existing environment of the so called climate change mitigation methods.

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