UWashington Letter to Human Guinea Pigs: Oops…we exposed you to a carcinogen!

Last October, the University of Washington retro-actively informed its human study subjects in an EPA-funded study going back 10+ years that its researchers had exposed them to a substance classified by the World Health Organization as “carcinogenic to humans.”

UWash p477478 Oops IARC reclassify-1

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3 thoughts on “UWashington Letter to Human Guinea Pigs: Oops…we exposed you to a carcinogen!”

  1. But the EPA are exempt from laws, and the US constitution does not apply to green terrorist organisations.

  2. The EPA calculations of risks are crazy wrong. If they were accurate, then the silly experiments having people breath polluted air would be worthy of Nuremberg like prosecutions. If lawyers get involved, then Mr. Milloy’s brilliant syllogism would backfire as the lawyers would make the EPA’s foolishness a public truth.

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