Funding Shortfall: Germany Forced to Cancel Climate Programs

Wir haben kein geld für dummheit.

“As prices for carbon emissions continue to languish, Berlin is planning to cancel some key subsidy programs aimed at increasing reliance on renewable energies. Germany and other European countries seem uninterested in fixing the problem.”

Read more in Der Spiegel.

5 thoughts on “Funding Shortfall: Germany Forced to Cancel Climate Programs”

  1. Absolutely. The gap between the top of the stack and the bottom of the opaque plume is clearly visible over the left stack. It takes some mixing and cooling of the outer band of the plume before condensation begins to occur. Real smoke is obvious down to the top of the stack.

  2. I couldn’t figure out what “the problem” is.

    BTW . . . pic looks like a classic “steam as smoke” picture.

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