4 thoughts on “The calm before the solar storm? NASA warns ‘something unexpected is happening to the Sun’”

  1. It’s all my fault. I squirted at it with my water pistol. Well that makes as much sense as CAGW ever did.

  2. It is a little too early to tell…

    However if the peak is already past this would appear to mean we have a short solar cycle in progress. These normally have a high maximum but we have had a low one! This might well mean the solar cycle peak “envelope” is collapsing faster than thought possible and solar activity is attenuating at what will soon be realised is a frightening rate. Frightening because the implication is we are running into a mini ice age at breakneck speed and a new Maunder Minimum is upon us.

    I hope we do get a significant double peak later this year as this might promise a Dalton Minimum which would be less severe.

    Either way the sun is telling us that cold climates lie ahead for the next few decades which will have negative consequences for the people of the world with collapsing grain harvests in the Northern Hemisphere just for starters.

    Buy new coats and jumpers, gloves and skis. And Stay Cool.

    After all, you have no choice.

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