2 thoughts on “Higher gas prices mean more expensive electricity this summer”

  1. Any fuel source is likely to have some price volatility. As I heard about the switching of electric generation to methane, I found myself thinking that methane’s prices had been more volatile in my lifetime than coal prices.
    This creates a problem for planning electrical plants because it is very expensive to build and I think it would be almost impossible to have a plant that could easily switch its capacity between coal and methane. Since methane has more applications than coal and is easier to transport, I’d expect its cost to be more volatile — which would tend to favor coal in the planning phase.
    nigelf, I think you’re right. President Obama, who loves our middle class so dearly, wants to keep us from tempation by constraining our lives. He’ll tax the rich to help the poor while he herds us, the middle, into compliance. That’s why I voted for Gov. Romney.

  2. Obama likes this. We’ve been living too high on the hog and need to be taken down a few notches and by golly, the EPA will continue the practice of making affordable energy unaffordable.

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