6 thoughts on “SciAm: Do Global Climate Tipping Points Exist?”

  1. That guy, an economist who popularized the term “tipping point” quite obviously never used a balance himself. Unless you dump a sack of rusted bolts and nuts on one side, it won’t “tip”. It’s very subtle, there’s a pointer in the middle which you have to get to point STRAIGHT down to a mark. It works incrementally.

  2. Also, CO2 fluctuates within much wider bounds than temperatures do, 250-4000ppm vs 12-16C. Of course the scales aren’t the same, but obviously there’s something that dampens out the effect of CO2, a negative feedback.

  3. Great point Shawn. Even looking at Al Gore’s CO2 vs Temp graph (which I bring up, because the warmists don’t argue with it), there are wild fluctuations in CO2 levels and temperatures over the eons. If there was a tipping point mechanism in place, we’d have already seen it. Or rather we wouldn’t have seen it, because it would be 200 degrees on the Earth’s surface by now, according to their runaway greenhouse effect predictions. It would have just got hot and stayed there, like Venus. Obviously there are other major factors involved in radical global warming and cooling than CO2 and that relationship is murky at best.

  4. Of course tipping points don’t exist. All we have to do is look at the climate record. A tipping point driven system would have certain specific properties. We do not see those properites in the data. QED

  5. IMHO, the whole tipping point thing was based solely on the the need to get people worried enough to empty their pocketbooks and sacrifice their liberties for massive global warming laws and regulations. It’s really hard to get people to freak out about something that’s going to happen gradually over 100 years. The warmists know the tipping point mechanism has a real probability of next to zero. Of course the enabling media won’t call them out on this. Which is why they get to exaggerate and outright lie with impunity.

  6. The tipping points all seem to be based on positive feedback, which means almost certainly they are chimera.
    BTW, the ad showing right now is for the Clinton Foundation. It’s amusing to think you’re getting revenue from an organization that’s going to get precious little love from your visitors.

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