5 thoughts on “Greenpeace offers photos of poverty + central planning…. you know, the future under ‘progressivism’”

  1. While the images seem obviously propaganda, I have heard from other unrelated sources that China, ( yes, with all the usual disinterest of central planning in the welfare of the general populace) does indeed have severe pollution issues and there are increasing concerns for all the untreated chemicals that are put into the rivers without benefit of sewage treatment. China, in an effort to catch up with globalization and the rest of the developed world, has needed to bypass most of the safety issues that we have found useful for the stability of our own economy. While I agree with Gene about the WESTERN causes of esophageal cancer, certain combinations of inhaled/ingested chemical compounds are also contributors to a variety of cancers. Some of these are petroleum based compounds and are very toxic, but in our part of the world, are filtered and in some cases completely illegal. There are very few restrictions of this nature in places like China.

  2. What is this? No picture of Maurice Strong trying to save them from their curse of a lack Western ingenuity, blessing, and Judeo-Christian mindset? Holy moly.

  3. With esophageal cancer given such prominence in this report, I would first question what these people eat and drink. Lung cancer has predominantly environmental causes, although it is not always easy to trace to a particular source.

    Esophagus is different. It is prone to transformations under the influence of aggressive fluids. The commonest causes of esophageal cancer are gastric reflux (prevalent in obese people) and drinking hot fluids. It is also associated with dietary preferences, such as pickled food. So if you overeat, engage in “non-vertical” activities — work with your head down or in any position that enhances reflux, eat pickled food (common in China), and drink hot tea (also common in China) — esophageal cancer is guaranteed. Environmental pollution may add something to it, but any of these intrinsic factors is strongly carcinogenic on its own.

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