Mystery black-box method used to make ‘all new’ Australian ‘hottest’ ever records

“This summer the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) invented a whole new metric to measure average national heat, which might be all very well except no-one (other than the BOM) seems to know what it is.”

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2 thoughts on “Mystery black-box method used to make ‘all new’ Australian ‘hottest’ ever records”

  1. Temperature data sets have been corrupted by activist government agencies who always manage to “adjust” the data to match their faulty climate models. This unethical practice has severely impaired our ability to objectively study climate issues. And is just one of several reasons that temperature records, especially from terrestial stations, are meaningless.

  2. So the “correction” is 5 degree C? What loony bin are the Aussie’s hiring their meteorologists from?

    I wouldn’t believe the BOM if they told me the sun comes up in the East….without verifying.

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