5 thoughts on “Claim: Baby born with HIV ‘cured’”

  1. Given the circumstances: absurdly high does of multiple antiretrovirals at very early stage of infection (mother had not been infected long, so low concentrations in the blood stream). Given the seriousness of the situation, I understand the doctor’s actions. IF it did work (and I have my doubts), this is analogous to defusing the bomb at the last second by cutting the right wire right after you found it. A miracle of hard work and darn luck.

  2. AIDS incidence is driven by promiscuity. Early on some speculated that AIDS would wipe out the core highly active homosexuals and the disease would then extinguish itself. But darn it got into drug users.

    Gay marriage monogamy would reduce AIDS,

  3. I believe the professionals in the field use the hyper-technical term ‘anecdote’ when referring to an event like this.

    Approximately ten percent of white people are naturally immune to the AIDs virus.* With the right genetic heritage, the baby may have survived the infection by fighting off the virus on its own.


    * This is the likely basis of claims that HIV was designed in a laboratory for the purpose of selectively killing black people.

  4. But if the baby engages in homosexual sex when it comes of age it will be HIV AIDS positive again. Gay marriage will help encourage that behavior.

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