Kerry’s global warming crusade

“The paint hadn’t dried on Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s new Foggy Bottom digs before he laid out his agenda for higher taxes and job-killing regulations that would put the United States at a disadvantage with the rest of the world. This was the pressing foreign-policy issue he chose to address in his first major speech as America’s chief diplomat.”

Read more at the Washington Times.

4 thoughts on “Kerry’s global warming crusade”

  1. Global Warmers like Kerry don’t realize “their day has come and gone”……maybe he should shut his pie hole about AGW and start earning his money being Secretary of State!
    This mad “experiment” in Green is soooooo over!

  2. This is why I voted for the adult in 2008 and 2012. Obama was going to pick someone like Kerry because Obama is like Kerry. Same with his other Cabinet picks, although SecDef Panetta was a better choice than I expected him to be.

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