6 thoughts on “Study: American women overweight because they don’t vacuum, iron”

  1. Does this mean Jennifer Hudson will have to show up on the commercials with a Hoover? One woman in an office we frequent lost a lot of weight, she’s knock out! But not to worry, another woman there found it.

  2. I don’t see my former employers with the weight room, wellness rooms and daycare adding an ironing room. (That organization is staffed by female executives who could really use it. And they could have cut down on building maintenance if they had stayed around a couple of hours and vacuumed and dusted. And the staff would have been so … inspired.)

    P.S. Sorry for not reading the article, but do I have to keep linking to that place?

  3. Some folks just refuse to recognize great scientific studies. Now to figure out how to send this anonymously to she who must be obeyed.
    Loved the part about not including child care as an activity because it was often done concurrently with other activities. Sounds like it was written by someone with limited experience with young children.

  4. Hey!! Dead right. And the reason really that people are overweight or obese is firstly they learn nothing about nutrition or their body at school (most people don’t even know how many valves their heart has – do you know) – and secondly there is so much great tasting food around, regardless of it’s effect on the body, that people must decide – eat and die young, or don’t eat and live longer. A good doctor can help you live past fifty (with drugs), if that is your choice.

  5. It didn’t control for much of anything, but selectively picked things out of (self reported) diaries to include. Household management activities included cooking, washing dishes, cleaning/vacuuming, and laundry; but didn’t include child or adult care, care our house maintenance (painting, gardening or lawn care women do at home. Geesh! They didn’t actually measure physical activity–paid or unpaid. In fact, the energy expenditures were estimated, calculated and extrapolated from population data.

    Then, they compared their calculations of energy expenditure in their definition of household management activities to “sedentary TV/screen time.” They never heard of multi-tasking. Having a TV on at home doesn’t mean women aren’t simultaneously doing something.

    Finally, it has nothing to do with obesity. There was not a single weight measured, recorded, used or mentioned in this study. They seem to believe the myth that if you’re large, you must be a sloth.

  6. There’s that. But more importantly, they are never hungry. Food is granted to all citizens, whether they work or not. The study did not control for the availability of food.

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