4 thoughts on “Gnarly: Great White Sharks Protected Off Calif. Coast”

  1. I love the Snickers commercial with the sharks in the focus group, and how delicious Steve was because he had just eaten a Snickers…

  2. Great whites have probably always been rare in this region. There are too few of them to sustain a commercial take and, as far as I know, their only commercial value was as trophies right after “Jaws” came out. I’d say leaving them alone was appropriate.
    The problem may come in with the same kind of nonsense that sometimes goes with “protecting” other species, i.e. determining that any human activity, however remote, poses some kind of threat to the endangered species. If the authorities start restricting water traffic to protect the sharks, or their food, or their neighborhood, or the entire planet because we’re all in this together, that would be a problem.
    Sharks, including great whites, do attack surfers on rare occasions. More surfers are probably killed in car accidents, going to or from the beach, than are killed by sharks. Certainly more of them drown or suffer head injuries or the like than are killed by sharks.

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