2 thoughts on “What the Oil Business Could Learn From the NRA”

  1. Ben is exactly right, and that is the major problem with unelected, unaccountable bureaucracies. The EPA already ignores court decisions, and by the time any company gets done fighting them in court, they’re out of money. Piss the little dictators off enough, and they’ll just find another excuse to hammer you. This happens all the time with Medicare complaints. The hospital/doctor just gives in rather then let Medicare go through all your records looking for errors. The rules are so complicated and ambiguous they will find something wrong even in the most pristine examples.

  2. The NRA doesn’t have a bottom line to account to or investors who rely on their work for salaries or retirement.

    If the EPA wants to, they can issue a shutdown order that must be complied with immediately. Whether the court would overturn this or not is irrelevant when you just lost $100 million because your refinery was down for a week, and you just lost a lot even more consumer confidence. Customers won’t buy from you if they know that you have been shut down by the EPA, both due to public opinion and due to the fact that you were just down.

    Even on minor squabbles, you could spend tens of thousands in court protesting a blatantly wrong demand. Or you can fulfill the whim of the investigator until the next one comes.

    You cannot make the comparison between a political action group and an manufacturing company

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