7 thoughts on “Global Warming Tragedy USA: My beach house and Porsche”

  1. Maybe the insurance company can deny coverage for his stupidity. Wonder how many folks purposely left their overinsured clunkers in the storms path to collect the insurance towards a newer car.

  2. John Stossel once said he lived on the coast because the government was foolish enough to insure his house and rebuild it after each storm. As long as the government was that foolish, he was going to stay where he was.
    I believe that probably covers it–flood insurance is a government program allowing people to live where they should not.

  3. I’d suppose that since they didn’t remember something like this happening, they saw no need to evacuate. Or, they figured insurance would cover the damage. Not sure why an expensive car was not moved inland.
    I had relatives who lived on the sound side of Atlantic Beach for decades. When a hurricane was predicted, the boats went up the Neuse River to a safer area and important papers and stuff went into a car that went 100+ miles inland. The house was “remodeled” after bad storms. Seems like the folks in NJ neither built for possible storms or reacted to the warned potential damage.

  4. From the looks of it, we are looking at the smashed-up remains of the garage, so it’s not quite as bad as it seems. However, it begs a few questions: why did they not evacuate? Sandy was well predicted, and if the house was on stilts, it’s on the coast, If they did evacuate, why didn’t they take the car?

  5. What kind of idiot leaves a Porsche out in the street to sit out a well predicted major storm in a low lying area? That is the most disturbing image I’ve seen all day. Hopefully the insurance company will flag his file as “too dumb to insure again” There oughta be a law!

    Ok, maybe not a law. His picture on Americas Most Dumb posters.

  6. Friends, I highly recommend seeing this movie if only to get a thorough handle on the attacks against skeptics and how incredibly the whole thing is. Those of you with a good grasp of the issue will easily be able to tick off the errors as they come. Plus, we ought to have some kind of contest to see how can count most accurately how many times they use the words “deny”, “denier”, “denialist”, etc. Wish I’d thought to bring along the mechanical clicker counter I have when I saw it this afternoon.

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