4 thoughts on “Dumbest of the Day: Republicans draft bill to take Keystone decision out of Obama’s hands”

  1. So, we think it is better to let the bureaucracy do it? I’ve often wondered if there is a secret IQ test given to political aspirants that is used to disqualify them if they score too high.

  2. This is something to do if Obama does *not* approve the pipeline. If this bill gets out of committee, we’re looking at endless Congressional hearings and opportunities for all sorts of meddling with the text of the bill, adding riders like creating a new bureaucracy to ‘oversee’ the pipeline and cause endless delays in its construction, you name it. If the Green Left can turn anything to their advantage, they will, regardless of the cost.

  3. Yes, regardless of the voting margin the bill would have to go to the president for signature. That would force him to sign and torque off some of his base, veto and torque off some of his base, or let it become law and show him for the weakling he is. I can live with any of those answers.

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