Erin Brockovich Debunked in Discover magazine

You could have read about the “Texas sharpshooter effect” in “Science Without Sense” — 17 years ago.

“This week in a piece for Slate about cancer clusters, like the one made famous by the movie Erin Brockovich, I describe how they almost always turn out to be illusions — examples of what the epidemiologist Seymour Grufferman called ‘the Texas sharpshooter effect’.”

Read more at Discover.

7 thoughts on “Erin Brockovich Debunked in Discover magazine”

  1. I too am chagrined by the bias of PBS. I have turned off the News Hour several times in the last year when they went over the line. Keep in mind that Mr. Obama has a Naderite infested administration. He pushes all the veteran hoaxes from Agent Orange, through Gulf War Syndrome to PTSD. This homage to plaintiff lawyers causes lines at the VA, which lines are then blamed on the bureaucracy.

    I was shocked when our president asked Israelis to put themselves into the shoes of the Palestinians. If they did, they would bomb Pizza parlors. Palestinian young people want peace through the annihilation of Jews. They are not reticent in so asserting.

    Drat! Now I am upset that our president is a creature of the American University class.

  2. PBS treats Brockovich like she has some authority. Just another loud mouth and people wishing to blame and get rich on others for their own misfortunes This is why PBS will not get a cent from me until they do balanced reporting and get that communist Moyers off the air.

  3. As I recall, Brokovich’s “work” was debunked long ago. But PG&E had already paid the settlements and Brokovich remains an accepted voice of the environmental movement. What do you expect of people who still speak of (or even to) Paul Erhlichman?

  4. Discover debunking Erin Brockovich? Does that mean I can go back to reading it again without rolling my eyes?

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