Enviros step up attack against Obama Energy Dept pick

“Frackademic to Ride Flying Unicorn of Climapocalypse to Washington.”

From Dissident Voice:

In return for millions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry, Moniz’s Energy Initiative has churned out research to the industry’s liking, most notably a 2011 report that finds “environmental impacts of shale development are challenging but manageable,” and that fracking is a “low-cost, short-term opportunity to reduce U.S. power sector CO2 emissions by up to 20%.”

That report, entitled “The Future of Natural Gas,” was produced in partnership with the educational non-profit (read: propaganda) Clean Skies Foundation, which was set up by fracking tycoon Aubrey McClendon in 2007. McClendon was forced to step down last year as CEO of Chesapeake Energy, America’s second largest fracking firm, after Reuters revealed he was misappropriating millions in company funds for personal gain. Clean Skies has its own, mostly internet-based TV “news” network run by Branded News, the same outfit that operates an internet channel for the National Rifle Association. The foundation’s stated mission is to “educate the American public about clean energy – particularly natural gas [sic].”

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