Earth Hour: Vain Symbolism, Environmentally Unfriendly

For 60 minutes Saturday night, those living in the shallows of our culture will kill their lights during Earth Hour to increase awareness of climate change. Some will feel self-righteous. Nothing will be achieved.

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7 thoughts on “Earth Hour: Vain Symbolism, Environmentally Unfriendly”

  1. Inclined to agree with your “visceral” point. It’s revealed in this video:

    These are the “sheeple” being led astray by those Lord Monckton describes. It’s quite a shame that they’ve failed to heed the recent words of James Lovelock, author of the “Gaia Hypothesis” who at least seems to have “repented!”

    If I may, let me introduce you to a few friends:

    If you visit their website, be sure to also download and copy “A Renewed Call to Truth, Prudence, and Protection of the Poor.”

    (Gen. 8:22)

  2. Great video! He’s really pinned down many of the reasons that radical environmentalism exists today. Unfortunately, you won’t hear him at a high school assembly or college lecture. And if you did, the administration would make sure there was a complete rebuttal and refutation at the end of his speech.

    However, I have a small disagreement with the motivations of the radical environmentalists. Lord Monckton believes that environmentalists are motivated by the desire to toe the leftist, socialist, totalitarian “party line” . I believe it’s more visceral than that. I think that environmentalists have a deep core belief that man is like Satan, powerful and evil (exempting themselves of course). That translates to Gaia worship, which they vehemently deny, but it is what it is (see also: looks like a duck, walks like a duck…. ) Sins against Gaia must be punished. We are the serpents in the Garden. It’s as old as paganism and a complete rebuke of Judeo-Christiandom. Which of course, is another attractive point to the left who hate Christianity so much.

    Yet, like a religious zealot, they are eager to to take as faith that which supports their theology. Like a Christian might take a modern appearance of the Virgin Mary as fact, because they desire it to be true, so the greenie will swallow every gloom and doom destroying the planet theory, because that’s what they WANT to believe. Which may give some credence to the theory that man is hardwired for worship..

  3. Thomas, your assessment is spot-on. Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley offers further details on how the true environmental movement (a noble cause dealing with pollution) was hijacked. Enjoy the video:

  4. Symbolism is the core of enviromentalism. Let’s turn off the lights for an hour, we’ll watch our 60″ plasma in candlelight. We’ll hop in our Prius to drive to the airport for our Hawaiian vacation. And how dare you put my groceries in a plastic sack that I’ll be taking to my 5000 sq ft house! Their lives are rife with contradictions. But don’t you dare point them out, because obviously you hate the planet if you mock the futility of their gestures.
    Perhaps that’s why I detest most environmentalists. In the old days, the conservationists (as pre-wacko environmentalists were called then) pushed for preserving nature and cleaning up pollution. They weren’t out to “save the planet”. When the environuts decided they were as potent as gods, something good got hijacked into a need to control others. Which is pretty much what all progressiveism/liberalism is about.

  5. If your an environmentalist and happen to live in a bad neighborhood, Joe Biden advises you to keep the double barrel loaded.

  6. I knew a family many years ago who would fast one day a week and contribute the money they’d have spent on food to hunger relief. At least they had some purpose to the fast. The “Earth Hour” is just preening.
    Wealthy societies generally have reduced the energy needed for each unit of GDP by a good margin over the last fifty years. Well done! And it’s been driven primarily by the profit motive — well done!
    Now let’s bring the poor along to a decent standard of living, shall we?

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