5 thoughts on “Where’s the global warming mate? Cold weather puts Britain on brink of running out of gas”

  1. Yes, I know what the U.K. folks think and how they talk about the weather, but when those thoughts are broadcast across the world, I’m afraid they project a distorted image of what the weather is like on this island. People in Manitoba might imagine you’re in danger of frostbyte when you say that. We just have our senses calibrated to different scales.

    There are not too many populated places on this planet that are blessed with a climate like this. With your summer and winter temperature ranges overlapping, it makes me wonder how you guys can even tell what season it is without the use of statistics. Just this past June, we had two days at +4C — that’s colder than many days in December (around +10C).


    My landlady, who deserted this awful weather to California, writes:

    “Enjoy what seems to be a good spring in Cambridge”

    Ha! Do you even know what spring is? In my memory, it’s when multiple feet of snow on the ground begin to melt, the ice on the rivers breaks up and flows, flooding the valleys and isolating the low-lying towns from the world for many weeks. In Cambridge, spring is only a name. The only conspicuous change you can see is that there are more flowers than in winter.

  2. Well most of us here In the U.K. think It is ‘Bitterly Cold Weather’
    If you are pedalling a bike around you wont feel it as much.
    There has been 8 cold weather payments made up North so far and they are now buried in snow.
    When did you see Summers colder than +3c?

  3. And it’s not even cold yet. Sort of coldish, compared to previous years, but not cold by any measure. I’ve seen colder summers. Riding my bike in and out Cambridge every day, I wear shorts and a shirt all year round. It’s +3C now, a couple hours after sunset. Same sort of temperature as in February, January, and December. We did have snow on the ground for a few days — a few days longer than last year — but not the kind of snow that will make a country run out of gas. That sounds strange to me, but I’m used to seeing people in fur hats in the streets at +15C. Keep that in mind when you hear reports of “bitterly cold weather”.

  4. “Unusually cold in Alaska, New England, UK and Europe. Well!! Weather is NOT climate!!!!!” “One record high day in Los Angeles? This is absolute PROOF of global warming!!!”

  5. Fair is fair. A chilly spring in England is one observation. Here in the upper prairies, we’ve had a mild winter and less snow than usual in the plains. Further east, things have been more difficult.
    It’s true that all the warming after 1950 was pretty small and some of it has already rolled back. The big data picture is pretty neutral based on instrument records and actual weather events.
    Our host is tweaking the noses of the AGW gang, though, because their data standard is “anything above the average is conclusive proof, even once, but ten years of stability doesn’t prove anything.”

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