4 thoughts on “Cuomo delays decision on fracking; Awaits study results that could be years off”

  1. The Cuomos seem to be basically a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kennedy clan, so I can believe that Robert Kennedy Jr.’s claptrap sounds good to Andrew.
    It’s interesting that the succession of GHW Bush to Clinton to GW Bush was somehow evil but the success of M Cuomo to G Patakit to A Cuomo was a boon.

  2. One reason to have an EPA is to have a source of objective information. Unfortunately, the EPA and most other government agencies are infested by naderites and various zealots. Look at the embarassing treatment of the Toyota company. Our president claims to be a defender of the little guy while his EPA sugests that people pay a fortune for water when the ground water is within overstrict tolerences. The Tea Party on the right and Naderites on the whatever are killing us.

  3. You lose the argument when you start with an ad hominem attack. Encana offers a different story. Based on my 30 years experience in dealing with the EPA, I’d tend to give the company a bit more credence than the regulators’ preliminary report.

    The EPA report is preliminary and appears to have a number of problems, such as drilling “monitoring wells” into natural gas reservoirs. Their field blanks were contaminated. I’ve never seen that without serious sample handling problems. They have been drilling for gas there since the 1960’s. Poor water quality in the area was reported in the 1880’s.

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