Chinese air pollution ‘strangling’ movie director creativity

Where are the bodies, EPA?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Is Beijing’s air pollution responsible for underwhelming recent work of one of China’s best-known movie directors?

Though he didn’t say so directly, Chen Kaige told reporters at the opening of this year’s big political conclave in Beijing the poor quality of the capital’s air had been making it hard for him to concentrate on his work.

“Cornered by the terrible weather, I have nowhere to go,” the official Xinhua news agency quoted Mr. Chen as saying on Sunday. “I am unable to focus on my artistic creation.”

2 thoughts on “Chinese air pollution ‘strangling’ movie director creativity”

  1. Howdy Mr. Milloy
    Granted that many claims about air pollution are false, your articles almost have a tinge of “air pollution is okay”. That would be just as false as claiming that PM2.5 is toxic along the lines of carbon monoxide.

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