3 thoughts on “Al Gore’s ‘sustainable capitalism’ is DOA”

  1. There is a need for genuine sustainability in economics. There are different methods for achieving it. Command and control, historically, does not achive environmental or economic sustainability.
    I’m hearing different accounts on this point, but open-sea fishing seems to be slamming into the problem of the commons. No one owns the great schools of cod or tuna; no one sustains them or nurtures them; anyone with the equipment can fish them. As a result, some populations do appear to have fallen — other factors may also be involved, of course. I won’t pretend I have the answer, but I’ll bet Al Gore’s answers are a lot worse than mine.

  2. Interesting thing about the Chinese. They decided about 500 years ago not to be “colonialists” (read mercenaries) and now have 1.2 billion reasonably (if mostly poor) contented people. They have rarely invaded outside their borders but have been invaded by many. They gave us Confucius and kung fu. Maybe we should give them some respect – like the American Indians, and the Australian aborigines?

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