3 thoughts on “Al Gore also spurned in Senate vote”

  1. The prophets who keep getting the end of the world wrong have cost their followers significant money. But the followers made their own choices.
    Al Gore has cost the world trillions by now, I suspect, and the world’s poorest have suffered the most from his errors or fraud. I hope his name will be remembered alongside Ponzi and Madoff.
    Even Ponzi and Madoff only fooled those who chose to be fooled. Gore, by bringing along governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, has taken wealth from those who knew he was wrong, essentially by force under color of law. That makes his crime worse than those of Ponzi or Madoff.

  2. Remember the name of the guy who used the Bible to calculate that the world was going to end last summer? His name.

    Pretty soon people will remember Mr. G about as well.

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