4 thoughts on “Report: Winter warming faster than other seasons”

  1. You’re right, John B, but then people like Al Gore would have a hard time finding excuses to run our lives and they would have to earn money by producing something valuable instead of trading “carbon credits”.

  2. As Andrew points out, talking about US weather is meaningless with regard to “Global Warming”. Climate does not stop at boundaries-it is worldwide.
    As Russia and many parts of Europe have had much colder winters over the past several years, that would point to Global Cooling–if we followed the same phony logic as the AGW crowd.
    Weather and climate are changing in different ways in different parts of the world; it is clear that we do not know why everything happens and cannot blindly blame “global warming” for every change. The world changes no matter what we say or do.

  3. I wonder what is happening in the rest of the world, this only mentions the US, and probably records going back less than 200 years. What is happening in Norway, Finland, Russia? Of course, warmer climate means a longer growing season, better health and an overall higher standard of living, so this is a good thing.

  4. I’ve read about this before. If the shift is mostly at the low end of the scale (if shift there is, see many threads on cherry-picked data that’s been tortured until it confesses), then it’s likely to be a net gain for the biosphere.
    Before LGF went WTF, the term “global less cooling” was in common use there.

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