Enviro: Keystone XL decision will make or break Obama’s climate legacy

But it will make no difference to global warming.

“Either he will be remembered as the last best chance that we had to stop climate change; or his legacy will be the president who presided over the first major climate action from the US.”

Read more at The Guardian.

6 thoughts on “Enviro: Keystone XL decision will make or break Obama’s climate legacy”

  1. We care about his legacy, you and I and many here, for the same reasons: he’s doing a lot of harm and it’s being painted as “glorious”.

  2. You left Berlin Wall off JFK’s legacy.

    My complaint is that so many in the legacy press care how current events will affect Obama; I care about how they affect ME and my fellow Americans.

    It ain’t about Obama. He’s just passin’ thru. But, yes, like Sherman, he’s doing a lot of damage on his way through.

  3. I do care about Obama’s legacy for a couple of reasons.
    First, his effort to create the legacy has impeded my wealth creation ( and I ain’t wealthy), the opportunities for my young adult daughter and son, and the lives of a lot of people.
    Second, if his legacy is portrayed like JFK’s was, then like-minded nanny-staters will try to emulate him and voters might elect them. “Need that, we do not.”
    Even now liberals laud FDR (adultery, economic foolishness), JFK (adultery bordering on molestation, Bay of Pigs), Clinton (adultery, dragged into a surplus) and they condemn Nixon (closed out combat in Vietnam), Reagan (can you say economic expansion?), GHW Bush (liberated Kuwait with less than 1,000 American fatalities) and GW Bush (when was the second 9/11 attack? What was his average unemployment rate?).

  4. Obama’s climate legacy, like all his other legacies, is based on foolishness and hypocrisy in various combinations. The Keystone XL decision will be much the same, I think.
    Obama has supported only one policy that I have supported strongly, openly recognizing members of the armed forces who are gay. And I doubt he did that to recognize freedom and the value of their contribution to the nation’s safety because I doubt he treasures either one.

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