7 thoughts on “Politico: Sierra Club goes bolder in climate fight”

  1. Saw a marvelous cartoon, probably on Don Surber’s blog. Two men in skin loincloths are talking. The caption: I don’t understand. Our air is clean, we drink from the river, our food is all organic and free-range, and everyone dies by 30.

  2. I’ve seen a few, survivalists and woodsmen mostly, and a number who wish they could be. They don’t get into the news much because they actually wish to live a quiet, off-the-grid lifestyle. Then you have the Amish, who do it for religious reasons.

    However, if you’ve heard of them, it’s because they are living big in front of TV cameras.

  3. I’m still on the lookout for one. Random chance says one or two actually live the lifestyle, though they do not participate in rallies because rallies increase their carbon footprint. True believers would never fly or drive to DC.

  4. My postdoc research director in 1975 made a push for his research group to join the Sierra Club. I looked into it and it seemed that they were a bunch of elitists that really didn’t like people. Nothing they have done in the last 38 years has altered that first impression. I’m on the mailing lists for several of these environmental groups, they are all about money.
    Ever see any of folks like this actually living the low-carbon lifestyle they so vehemently promote?

  5. There were tremendous demonstrations and civil disobedience actions during the slavery debates of the 1850s. And they occurred among both slavery opponents and its advocates. Fervor does not correlate to the value of the cause.

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