6 thoughts on “Plastic bag ban linked to diarrhea outbreak”

  1. I marvel at the plastic bags used for groceries. Many checkout clerks double bag, but single bags work well. It amazes me how thin and strong they are.

  2. Plastic bag bans are very effective. It is a sacrament of the green religion. It makes them feel good.

    It doesn’t matter if people die, or that it is a net negative for the environment, they still feel good.

  3. Also the UK Government commissioned a study back in 2008 which found you have to use cloth bags at least 131 times before they are greener than plastic bags – because plastic bags are light and use much less material.

    And if you wash them between uses you’re consuming even more energy and water.

    And if you reuse the plastic bags for anything, eg rubbish bin liners, the balance is even more skewed.

    Like all things ‘green’ the plastic bag bans are both misleading and cause exactly the opposite of what the greens say they are supposed to do. Hypocrites.

  4. The problem with reusable shopping bags is the same as with disposable plastic bags, a complete lack of responsibility. It’s not the plastic bag that strangles wildlife, it’s the person that kicks it out of the car door into the street. It’s not the reusable bag that spreads disease, it’s the person that is too lazy to clean it up and disenfect it. Banning objects does not improve human behavior.

  5. Some of us have *always* known that ‘reusable’ grocery bags are germ ranches. Fabric catches and holds bacteria, mold, viruses and microbes and can transfer them to other materials. In the 1930’s restaurants (like my grandmother’s) were banned from using towels to dry dishes for EXACTLY that reason. Disposable bags are much more hygienic.

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