2 thoughts on “AAAS meeting: No harm from BPA”

  1. Of course, they also can provide no evidence that “packaged foods” cause any chronic disease of aging (which they’re calling “Western diseases”). More fiction.

  2. You should also report on the intentional fraud used in the statistical analysis of disease. For example diabetes. In the U.S. about 80 million people have diabetes. About half are undiagnosed, mostly because they are young and/or their symptoms have not become serious enough to bring awareness of the disease. A few years ago the medical community decided to make a concerted effort to find some of the undiagnosed diabetics so they could be treated earlier and presumably have better outcomes. A laudable goal. They succeeded and instead of discovering the usual million or so previously undiagnosed diabetics they discovered about 2 million or so. Some special interest groups have used this to claim that diabetes has doubled! Clearly they could not be that close to the data and not know they were lying but it served their purpose. Then some other special interest group decides there is a link between the (fictional) doubling of diabetes and the “scary” BPA and instantly you have what passes for proof in the superstition based health community.

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